Saturday, June 26, 2010

Laken turns 1 month old!

Wow where has the time gone? Our little Laken was a month old yesterday! We had a long hard couple of weeks at first but Laken is doing much better! Doctors are amazed at how well our little girl is doing compared to her first few weeks. She is now taking 5 out of 8 feeds in a 24 hr period through bottle and the other 3 still through her NG tube. They are slowly working her up trying to get her on full bottle feeds. She has done really good taking to a bottle! As of yesterday she weighed 5 lbs 8 oz. She's gaining weight! She got moved about a week ago from cardiac ICU to neonatal ICU because they say her heart function is stable and not changing much so now it's time to work on bottle feeds and gaining weight! She gets an echo every week to make sure nothings changing. Wednesday the pressure in the right side was up a little but they aren't doing anything but monitoring right now. We can finally dress our baby girl and hold her any time we want!! She's out of her little "box" and in just a regular little bassinet like in the nurserys. Those of you that read the Andrews newspaper, Laken is not on the list for a transplant right now. It is not something that is completely out of the picture in the future but as of now she is not. Prayers are being answered everyday and we can't thank you all enough for helping us out so much! Please continue praying for our baby!

New pictures will be posted tomrrow! :)

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